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Did you know? The cost of ordering a vehicle or buying one from the showroom is the same! With ordering the vehicle you want, you can truly make it yours! Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of Ford incentives at the time of ordering, or wait until your vehicle is delivered and use the available incentives at that time. PLUS, Ford is offering customers an extra $1,000 when you custom order a vehicle!

Who doesn't like ordering exactly what they want? When you order your new Ford, you can choose the exact options, color, drivetrain, etc. that you want! Our sales team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Once your order is finalized and placed, you can expect your vehicle to be delivered in 60-90 days. *See dealer for complete details."

Your dedicated sales rep will keep you in the loop on the progress of your customized vehicle. When they get a definite delivery date, they'll work with you to schedule a time to go pick up your new ride! *See dealer for complete details on timeline

Custom Order Your Ford Today!

Choose the model you want below and then fill out our custom order form. Our Sales team will contact you and help you build and place your order!

SUVs and Crossovers



2021 Ford EcoSport in silver


2022 Ford Escape in silver

Bronco™ Sport

2022 Ford Bronco Sport in silver


2021 Ford Bronco in silver

Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mache-E in silver


2022 Ford Edge in silver


2022 Ford Explorer in silver


2021 Ford Expedition in silver

Trucks and Vans



2022 Ford Maverick in silver


2022 Ford Ranger in silver


2021 Ford F-150 in silver

Super Duty

2022 Ford Super Duty in silver


2022 Ford Transit in silver

Transit Connect

2022 Ford Transit Connect in silver




2021 Ford Mustang in silver


Feel free to read over our Frequently Asked Questions below

As vehicles are updated from one model year to another, there are times when orders are accepted and times when they are closed. If you do not see your preferred vehicle here, please contact us for help.

Submit your request by clicking “Start Your Custom Order” and include vehicle preferences in the comments section. A dealership representative will contact you to verify your desired vehicle, explore potential incoming stock and then arrange to submit your order to Ford.

Lead times will vary by model and configuration but Ford will make every effort to expedite your order.

Final sale prices are all negotiated between the customer and dealer but Ford does not charge extra for customer orders.

Ordering customers will be eligible for qualifying incentives at the time of order placement or qualifying incentives at the time of final delivery, whichever is preferred.

Our dealership would be happy to help explain your options and help you arrange financing.

Once your vehicle has been assigned a VIN, you can track your order using this website:

Your dealership representative will be able to provide you the VIN once it's been established.

Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership, your dealership representative will contact you to confirm its arrival, collect any additional information needed to complete the sale and schedule a convenient time and location for final delivery to you.

Yes. Just as with any purchase or lease, your dealership representative will run your credit to check your eligibility for finance rates and applicable incentives.

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